Juba General Trading 

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Juba General Trading as a general trading company hub of products; goods and services around the world with the strong capability to import and export globally offers a wide range of products. All of our products meet all requirement of safety and usability as applicable to the specific product. Also, our manufacturers conform to and are accredited per ISO 9001. Each and every product has unique design and feel features based on years of operational experience. These benefits our clients and customers by giving them the most flexible and cost effective products in the respective industry.
At Juba General Trading, regardless of where you want to trade, we strive to make it happen with ease and precision. Our numerous services range from:
  • Foodstuffs supply
  • Clothing and Textile Materials
  • Footwear
  • Equipment (school, health and sports)
  • Construction Materials
  • Electronics and electrical appliances and accessories
  • Spare Parts (cars, motorcycles)
  • Interior Decorations
  • Furniture; Home and office Furniture
  • Shipping services (air, land, sea).
  • Tourism  and hotel bookings. We provide for those who wish to visit South Sudan or Malaysia.
  • Health and education services, we provide these services to all citizens of South Sudan who are interested in receiving treatment or education in the State of Malaysia.
  • Micro-finance: these services are given to support small enterprises and local crafts, also to support the poor and those with special needs.
And many more. We at Juba General Trading will constantly be adding to our collection and range of products as we intend to stay reliably resourceful to our esteemed and loyal clients and customers. Furthermore, we offer sourcing services for almost everything all over the world. For more enquiries, Contact Us today.

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