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Juba General Trading as your trading partner can offer you a wide range of expertise in global marketing and distribution of your goods, products and services. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or independent marketer looking to launch or expand your goods, products and services market presence in the international and global trade sphere, we at Juba General Trading are capable and competent in partnering and assisting you in attaining your mission and goals in the international trade arena.  With our network of internal and external business and trade partners such as Kennedy Amadi Holdings, and PT Peerindo Jaya Utama (Indonesia), and Yasamerco General Trading LTD  ( Cyprus ), you are guaranteed quality P1and high end products,  goods and services at  Juba General Trading.
Juba General Trading is hailed as one of the best and most efficient long term investment partner and investor by our parners, and we are always seeking to improve and advance our scope for future growth. If you are looking for the best and most efficient business partnership that can bring the right growth in your business endeavours, there is no better choice than Juba General Trading.
However, at Juba General Trading we strive to broaden and strengthen our existing business relationships while looking to establish lasting and mutually beneficial associations with new companies worldwide. Hence, we are constantly seeking great business opportunities and business deals which will further strengthen and consolidate us as a general trading company. We would welcome business partnership from legitimate and established stakeholders in various industries across the board which will ultimately encompass general trading of goods and services.
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